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sweet n' sour filled twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. (thinking) "dear eric, it turns out "donna was not doing it with randy after all. "i jumped to the wrong conclusion. but i learned my lesson. and it won't happen again." well, it was so nice having you over, leo. you have a safe trip home. and don't worry. i remember where i live. "eric, i have horrible news! your mom and leo are having an affair!" captioning provided by carsey-werner-mandabach llc captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> goodd uck sunday. >> you are killing me. >> that will did it for this edition of "sports unlimited".
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here is jeff and karen with the "late edition". >> it is like being in prison here.ú in our oww housing area. >> out on he streets, to escape the heat. ú%rse for these residents.o the way a university is trying tooprevent another attack, like3 the one that took the life offa ú%ryyand native. >> heavy drinkknggand smoking. the job these ppople went back to, after takkng a wild work break. >> and out of control. what this politician thooght was so funny. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is foo 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am karen parks. >> and i am jeff barnd. two days into fall and we continue to break heat reeords here. >> the thermometer hit
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95 degrees today. tying the record hhgh for the day. and adddng to our long list off3 days over 90 degrees this year. as youucan see, from the johns hopkinssuniversity campus today. people definitely dressed to stay cool. -nd ttied to stay in the shade. east baltimore apartmentat one building. they were stuck inside of their apartment, wwth no air. >> myranda stephens tells s why this is nott he first time theyú have been ii this parricular ú%tuation. >> well, even if residents here at van story branch apartments wanted to turn on tteir ac. they could not. because they say management turned it off early this year. and hat has many residents very upset. many are elderly or disabled. and they say the swelteringgheat in their apartments, is not only uncomfortable but dangerous to their health. %-stood outside for a cool breee and say they were hassled by %->> you cannot make nobody stay
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in their home. i am 65. i am sickll. most everybody in this building is sickly. >> it is liie being in prison here. it is not fair. >> management did post signsú saying here would be buses out front used as cooling centers. but we cannot ffnd any..3 and we tried to talk to management about this storyy but no one would talk to us. >> nowwthis is not the first time residents have been in this situation. back in july, they lost electricity, and ac. because of repairs. >> in east ballimore. "late eddtionn.s, ox 45 news >> really hot todaa. going to be cooling off a bit tomorrow. if you coosider 3 and a half, 4 degrees cooling off. >> better than nothing. >> we will take it. >> how much more can we expect. us with thh sky watch forecast. a little is better than nothing, right? >> a little cooler tomorrow. 86 will feel comfortable after the 95 degrees today. the end of the toward
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ú%ghs. but we broke a record today. 95 degrees. ú%ar, above 90 degrees. and not very commmn his time of year. in september. we started it off in april. with temperatures in the 90s. we are cooling down this eveeing. but only into the low 80s. 60s during thh overnight lows.ú and then change startiig tomorrow, cold front pushes so aater a few morning clouds, clearing toward the enafternoon. and temperatures will be in the 80s once again..3 but by sunday, big ccange coming in the forecast. we also have some rain to talk about. i will have the details on that, >> first on fox tonight. lots of questions this evening about the city office that got a $28,000 facelift. %t was remodeled last summer. director david scott occupied the office. but because every item purchase3 ú%000, it did not requiie
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-pproval from the city's boards of essimates. they believe he charged his own department's buddet foo these items. >> i understand fiscally how it could have happened without ssrutiny. a little here, a little there. but i don't understand theú judgment of - i mean, that kind of money for that kind of thing3 in the middle offa receesioo. >> daaid scott who served ii the cabinet, former baltimore mayor sheila dixon resigned earlier this year. it is our duty to hold our government accountable. wwste watch. if you see government waste call our hotline. you can also go to foxbaltimore.coo and click on waste atch. ú%abuse.cher's aide in howard after writing love notes to an 8-year-old girl. >> do yyu still love her? >> karl walker was silent as he left the courtroom today.
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his case sets precedent for child sex crimes since found guilty withouu physically assaulting the young student..3 walkerrworked at bryant woods elementarr school. in the letters he proclaimed to have loved the 3rd grade girl. >> there is this constant referenne tt hugging and issing and wanting to be with you. and dreaming fantasizing that they are on a trip to las vegas, and thaa he issasleep in his arms. i mean it was just overwhelling i thought. >> walker will be sentenced inú january. -> and here is our question of thh day. should sooeone e found guilty of sex abuse, even though there was no physical ontact? so far, 97 percent ay yes. 3 percent say o. pat writes on facebook. love nntes, coold have been the start of something more harmful. to the 8-year-ood girl, or someone else. it is sad that people don't have boundaries for themselves any more. >> the panel that acredits u.s. hospitals wants to review %-hopkins hospital. at johns
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after those shootingssttere last week. the joint ccmmission is an independent panel that examines what happens to hospitals and %-quality of health care.nd this, after pardus shot david cohen, who survived and then his mother that died. and then tuun theegun on himself. involving a school bus ends witt a serious injury. a viewer sent these photos from the scene. the bus was heading to meadowvale elementary in havre de grace. bus tipped on the side. six children were hurt. noneeseriouuly. the driver of an suv had to be hospitalized with ssrious injuries. >> and hen it comes to news in your neighborhood. see it, shoot it, send it. you can upload photos and viieos to our website and click on the see it, shoot ú%, send it icon. you can send photos directly from your cell phone to >> theebaltimore teachers' union, and city public schools have a tentative agreement
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tonight on a new contract. talks going on now for months. few details are known tonight. it is expected to be approved however in the upcoming weeks. >> you need to know about a recall on night lights.3 len can be hot to the touch and possibly shocking peoppe or causing a fire. there are four reports of thee melting causinggproperty damage. >> for more information on this links. >> and the maryland lottery commission hassapproved a code of conduct for workers at the state's first slots casino. the code of ethics includes a3 ban on playing the machines, unless it is part of ooficial duties. and cannot use theii position to gain favors. the hollywood casino in perry vilis scheduled to oppn thursday. >> the term sand comes from theú word fanatic. >> it does. nowhere is that more clear than
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-nnthe home of some purple look at this home in dundalk. the raaens room as it is known.3 has $5000 worth of remodeling. including a huge tv. novelty shelving and evenna ravens ceilinn fan with purple it used to be a billards room until the lady of the house had a briggt idea. >> and you will never be too ú%ung to root for the ravens. melanie ichter sent us thii photo. her 2-year-old, one-year-old and 4 monnhs old aar all ready for a ravens' viccory thiss3 sunday. >> show off your team spirit byú going to pride. you can see all of our viewers we looked at them earlier. and upload one of your own, if you wish. -> automotive workers bailed out by the government caught boozing on the break. ffnd out where. >> we arr left to wonder whether
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we might have done something differently to ccange what happened. ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last.
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 ú months since cockeys viinative yeardley loveewas killed in her off ccmpus apartment. at the university of virginia. -er former boyfriend is accused of kklling her.
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rachael from our sister station in richmonn virginia went to the uuiversity today. where they honored the memory of yeardley love. and tried to find ways toú prevent similar tragedies. ú% it is being billed as a day of dialogue toward a daring community. campus president saiddit is aa3 day of healinggand discussion about how to prevent violence.3 >> black vails cover thee3 rotunda, a publlc art project %-and mourning present on campu. >> ♪ . >> yeardley love's death at the end of school marked the end of a long and tragic year for the university. in all, seven studenns died. -irginia tech student harrington was murdered in chaalottesville. %-though we are left to wonderr3 whether we might have done
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something differently to change what happened? particularly in situations in which students were victims of violence. >> questions are what uva's new president encouraged friday. she opened the campus to counselors and private dissussion groups. >> bringing everyone together to get opinions, and to bring everyone to an consensus about what we want to do moving forward.ú and how we were going to affect chhnge in our community. >> studenns and faculty were asked to reflect. listen. think about personal rrsponsibility as ell as violence prevention. >> they want us to promote a culture of respect. and help people realize when dangerous things are happening in their community. understand how to react. and to takk appropriate action. >> by day's end, the black vails on the rotunda will be liftedd >> at the same time, we want to channel our grief into energy. energy we can use to begin the work of building stronggr, %->> uva's president said she hopes this conversation continues throughout the year,
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with studeets finding new and creative ways to not only listen but help each other. %-jail in charlottesville, he hs a court appearance scheduled fo3 october 8. jail today but only for a short time. just a few hours, as a matter of fact. lohan failedda rug test last week. and this evening another judge said it was unlawful to hold lindsay in jail until her court appearance next month. so that judge set a $300,000 bail for her. she is expected to be out ssme time tonight. >> a scandal at a chrysler workers in hot waterrtonight. more than a dozen workers are caught on tape drinking and smoking what appears to be marijuana during work hours. tth iicident that happenedd3 during heir brrak. that aacording to chrysler.
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the men were not allowed to enter the facility after thee3 tape surfaced for fear of how coworkers would react the plant produces the jeep grand cherokee. unemployment. >> nice weekend weather wise? >> that's what we are hearing. emily gracey is back with the sky watch forecast. emily? >> definitely a cool down in the foreccst this weekend. broke the record today at 95. but we will cool down by the end of the weekend with highs in the %--loking outside right now though. pleasant evening out there. temperatures holding onto he 80s right now. ú% at the inner harbour. with clear skiess and winds out offthe sooth-southwest at 7 iles per hour. and the dew point sitting at right now. >> so we are watching a cold front push through the area. it is getting cllser and closer and will be in the area by ttmorrow morning. we are seeing showers with that front right now. but as it comes in toward maryland it will fall apart. we arr starting to see t fall apart quite aabit. no rain showers expecttd with
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the front. see a chaage in the temperatures however. today we were in the mid 90s. tomorrow the mmd 80s. by sunday, our high temperatures only right around 70 degrees. so going froo record breaking to below average temperatures by the end of the weekend. watccing the tropics as well. %-the south of the caribbean. in and watching now hrricane lisa. it is well off to the east. of africa there. it won't impact our weather. still a category one. but staa north of africa there. -nd stay away from land as far as the u.s. so not a threat for us. mathew, howevvr, something to talk about here. because whiie it is far away %-modees are bringing t closero our area by next weekend. so something to watch. even though the forecast is still aways off. winds 52 miles per hhur. with mathew. ss arm air ahead of the front. as it pushes through, it will push all the warm air off the coast. cool air llgs behind the front a
12:47 am
bit. so stay above average for ú%morrow. midd80s.h temperatures in the back side of the front. see the nootherll winds. and that brings us temperatures innthe low 70s to finish off the weekend. clouds keeping us cool as well on sunday. 69 overnight onight. so a leasant evening. and then onnthe water for tomorrow. nice day. starting off the day with clouds. and clearing out toward the afternoon. with winds out of the westt it could be breezy with ggsty %-but pleasant day.ots. afternoon clearing 86. and the winds back here on land, five to 15 miles er hour. so looking at that xtended forecast. cool down does come on sunday. mostly cloudy ssies by sunday evening. and then a chaane for showers monday evening into tte day even into wednesday mornnng. much needed rain ii the forecast. but we will get back to the3 average temperatures with highs ú% the 70s. back to you. >> a break-thru treatment in breast cancer. doctors are testing a drug, to
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inject radiation directly into the patient. rather than taking the treatment through the skin. the entire dose of radiation normally given over six weeks is infused over 18 minutes. docttrs are still testing it and affected in every breast cancer patient. >> evidence, ould like to %->> next he next thing stephen said to congress today..3 and why people are so upset about it. >> sergiiokendall talks with the media. hear what the seccnd round pick [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart.
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>> nnt eeerybody is laughing after comedian lammoons congress tooay.
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>> there was one politician that just could otttake it anymore. >> abdul-jalil mohammed you don't need to understand it. finance minister talking to the
12:53 am
parliament about imports of cureed meat. as you can see, he cannot keep it together. he was apparently amuseed at all of the bureaucratic lannuage stuffed into a bill he was reading. full video of this is a hit on "youtube". ú% the bbltimore ravens top draft pick will finally rejoin his new ttem. sergio kendall reached an agreement thhs week to allow him to be a part of team meetings. the ravens but days before trainnnn camp he fractured his skull fter falling down two flights of stairs at a friend's home. kendall was coming out oo the bad room into a ark hallway and instead of turning right into the room. he went straight into the stairwell. although he hasn't been cleared to play, he is happy to rejoii the team. >> it feels good to be back. that everybody -- let them see my face again.
12:54 am
-ood to be around the team. finally get to go to a game. and root my guys onto another victory. i know for sure iiwill be able to plaa again, with my opinion. and the injury, it knocked off ú% ballnne. we did reaction testing. i am not sure how it works. because i am not a doctor. i think, i do better with physical reactions, more so than question reaction testing. but if we were to do it all over again, i am sure i would o better. >> this sunday marks a milestone for jarrett ohnson, eight year linebacker played in hii 00 wracked up 250 tackles since 2007. former alabama captain has missed one game in his pro career. final game of his rookie season in 2003. -he leader of the team ray lewis %-for a lot of admiration >> he loves doing what he is doing. and any time that you can play, you know, with a warrior like
12:55 am
that, no greater reward. when you actually get to playy3 alongside somebooy like that. you know, his wherewithal is just his knowledge of the ggme and how many adjustments for him and me to make and talk. he is so big. the browns at 1:00, on sunday. ♪ hey, look, it's grandma! oh, she's early. no...on the counter.
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>> warm day tomorrow. 86 degrees. with partly cloody skies. much cooler on ssnday.ternoon. 72. we hold onto the below average temperatures or mondaa with a chance of showers monday night, and staying with us tuesday to wednesday morning. >> thanks s
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